Allergies in the Winter?

It’s Thursday, January 12th — which is significant for a couple of reasons.

The first being that today marks the two-year anniversary of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that destroyed much of Haiti, and has left nearly 2 million people still living in tents.    Though not front-page news anymore, the situation in Haiti is still dire.  I am proud to be a part of an effort and organization that recognizes that, and that has not forgotten that the people there still need our help, prayers and support.

Life in Texas is chugging along, though this week was a particular eventful one!  My sweet mom flew in on Monday to help me move.  Not a big move, granted, but still a move.   When first looking for a place to live last May of 2011, most people told me to start in Uptown.  Uptown, Uptown, Uptown is what I heard — so that’s where I looked.  After being here for almost 6 months now though, I realized that Uptown, as fun and glamorous as it was, wasn’t quite the right fit for me.  So that, and a 20% increase in rent prompted a move to the Knox/Henderson area (where my beloved, and pain-in-the-ass MBA roomate, Andy Bruce, used to live).

The move of all physical items officially wrapped up yesterday, but now we are moving into the setting up phase.  Tedious work!  However, this new place feels like home.  It’s cozier, the people are friendly, and I’ve already got a few things hung on the wall!  Mom’s great taste and style will help me pull it all together a bit more, and then I should be ready to roll!

Wrapping up this blog though — I’ll bring it full circle and address my title.  Allergies in Winter? Oh yeah.  I haven’t had allergies this bad for over two years, and though usually they come on in Spring, leave it to the big D to start them big, and start them early!  Bummer!

Maybe the early bloom of cedar tree pollen means it will abate quicker as well? I sure hope so….

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My name is Kayla. I am from the greater Seattle area, but haven’t spent much time here since I left for college in 2001. I recently moved back after spending six years in the Bay Area, and then another two working for a Christian micro finance plus organization in the Dominican Republic. I’ll be attending the Foster School of Business at UW this fall to get my MBA, and am looking forward to all of the challenges and adventures that come with it.

I consider myself to be extremely blessed — it’s my hope that after graduate school I can go back out into the world and use all the gifts I’ve been given to make this world a better place.

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