Its a new year — and a new effort!

Okay, so my buddy Drew has been on me since — well since forever — to be a regular blogger.  I am renewing my intent to blog this year.  I am going to accept that I will not be an every two-days blogger and shoot more for once a week! I think I can probably manage that!

Since my last blog quite a lot has happened.  I had an amazing, AMAZING two years in graduate school.  I learned a lot, made some life long friends, and had some very tremendous life experiences.  Since I graduated last June of 2011, I rejoined the wonderful and amazing family of Esperanza International, and am now living in Dallas, Texas!  I am doing my best to learn the ropes of development work, as well as communications and marketing — all under the umbrella of a shoestring budget nonprofit.  I have to say its been a challenging couple of months in Dallas, but things are starting to make some sense and we are gaining momentum.

I’ll end this post by saying that although its not home yet, Dallas is a wonderful city.  The people are friendly, the weather is nice (minus the month and a half of 105+ weather I had upon moving here!), I love my job — and I’m thankful I’ve made some really nice friends here so far.  Not a day goes by where I don’t miss my family and friends from other life chapters –but life doesn’t ever stand still, so I’m doing my best to embrace this new phase of my life.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, Holiday Season and New Year celebration!  Lots of love, and hopefully I’ll be back soon!


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My name is Kayla. I am from the greater Seattle area, but haven’t spent much time here since I left for college in 2001. I recently moved back after spending six years in the Bay Area, and then another two working for a Christian micro finance plus organization in the Dominican Republic. I’ll be attending the Foster School of Business at UW this fall to get my MBA, and am looking forward to all of the challenges and adventures that come with it.

I consider myself to be extremely blessed — it’s my hope that after graduate school I can go back out into the world and use all the gifts I’ve been given to make this world a better place.

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